Shape monsters and a 'shape hunt'!

We've been studying our shapes to make sure everyone's got it before moving on in math!
Our kindergarten team decided to a 'magazine shape hunt'.  The kids loved it!
I mean really, what kid doesn't like a little I spy game?!?!?
I gave the student's 'kid-friendly' magazines-- I made sure the words and pictures were appropriate for their little eyes---no Cosmo magazines for this activity! I made a big shape and the kids cut out tons of little shapes to glue inside the big shape.  Once they found and shape and cut it out, they brought them to me at the back table where I had to approve the shape and then I glued it down. 
The kids had so much fun cutting magazines like crazy!

Here are the shapes from the 'shape hunt':

The kids also made shape monsters. 
 I cut the bodies for each shape and then the students we allowed to make their monsters.
Some kids got really creative with their monsters!
Here is what our shape monster bulletin board looks like:
And here are a few close ups!

Aren't they so stinkin' cute???


  1. We are revisiting shapes next week...I may tackle the magazine idea. Now, to get the right magazines...

    1. Oh you should do it! I'm telling you- they love it and they'll all be so engaged!


  2. Great ideas thank you, I am teaching shapes at the moment too, love the magazine idea as well as your shape monsters, can't wait to try out with my Year One students.

  3. Thanks so much! I hope your students do great with them!! :)


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