Tell me something good....

Tell me something good.... I don't mind if I do! :)
When I ran across Jennifer's linky party I just knew I had to be a part of it!
I've been in a real "thankful and blessed" mood lately and I have to say, it kinda makes me giddy.
So this linky party is right up my alley!
Since I couldn't pick just ONE thing, here is my list of what I'm thankful for.
At school:
*My kids are FINALLY starting to figure out our routines.
*My kids read for 3 min. and 58 seconds during 'read to self' today (trying to build their stamina)---that's a L-O-N-G time for my kiddos considering they were stuck at 1 minute for the longest time!
*We have some awesome recess para's that work on our laminating and cutting for future projects when they have time-- and do such an awesome job, and save me so much time!
*I've been a lot better this year about planning ahead!
*My organizational skills are getting better, day by day.
*I love my school and the positive atmosphere I work in.
*My own kindergartner is in the room right next to me at school.
*At my school, we never have to work recess or lunch duty!!
At home:
*My husband is currently NOT deployed!
*Everyone is relatively healthy at the moment.
*I've been getting into running 5K's and love it.
*My husband has been making dinner lately.
*My baby boy (1 yr. old) is learning so many words--it's awesome to see him learning!
*My 5 year old is loving school and is learning so much!
*We have the best friends in the whole world!!!
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  1. Lucky! I have to do every breakfast, lunch and recess with my pre-k class.


    1. I know, I feel so lucky! I think we all take it for granted too! :/

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Your blog looks great...and we just became your newest follower, too!

  3. No recess or lunch duty sounds like HEAVEN! Lucky duck! I am your newest follower and I teach Kindergarten as well. I hope you'll stop by and follow me too!

    1. It is indeed!!! Thanks for following! I'm heading to your blog now! :)


  4. 5km runs! You good girl ;) I will get there again oneday..... :)

    1. Thanks! It has taken time but it's going good. You'll get there too!!! :)


  5. Love that your husband is not deployed AND that your baby is in the room next door! How awesome! So happy you linked up!
    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. Thanks so much for hosting it! I love linky's-- you learn so much about other bloggers! :)



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