A number FREEBIE!

Are you getting geared up for school to start back??
I know I am!
I am feverishly trying to plan ahead and get all my ducks in a row again!
We start back to school on Thursday and I want to ease my kids back in to the routine of things.  Coming back from any kind of break is hard, especially long breaks like this one!
While we will be doing academic work, we will also be reviewing and practicing routines, manners and overall appropriate school behavior!! (Which all seem to be little things my kids forget over a two week break!)
First on my agenda when we get back will be some simple review of past skills we covered before the break.  I created this little worksheet that is differentiated into three levels! (I am all about differentiating to meet each of kid's levels, while still challenging them!)
So feel free to snatch up this freebie!! I hope you enjoy it!
I designed it to be a worksheet format or file folder game!

I'd love to know what you think!
Be sure to leave a comment and let me know if you think it will be useful in your classroom!
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It's the best way to be informed when I make a new freebie, run a sale and to just stay update with what's going on in my classroom!


  1. I love this activity. I think that I will make a center out of it. We are having to really watch how much paper we use these days. I will attach a piece of velcro to the pieces and then have an answer key available to check their answers. Thanks again and happy new year.

    1. Great idea Beki!! Thanks for letting me know your idea! Happy New Year to you too!

  2. I like your idea Beki. I think the circles might be too hard for most of my kiddos to cut out too. We are still mastering the art of cutting straight lines. Just a thought. :) Thanks for sharing Elizabeth!!

    1. Thanks Rochell for your comment! My kiddos need practice with curved lines but I love Beki's idea too of having them pre-cut! Great thinking ladies!!! Happy New Year!!


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