Field Trip Day!!

Today was a field trip day!  
It's days like this that I'm convinced we teachers should be paid extra---something like an incentive pay! ha ha ha.... No one knows stress like a teacher who is trying to keep up with 23 five and six year olds!!  It's seriously like trying to heard cats--I'm not kidding---try it sometime! 

We went to our local zoo. But it's more than a zoo-- it's a very interactive animal park.  It's probably only 1/10 the size of our local zoo in town, but it focuses on real interaction between animals and the guests. In fact, each student was given a token which allows them to buy food at different exhibits to feed the animals.

And yes, as you can imagine, the kids loved it!  It was a huge perk for the kids and it was a great selling point for our school when deciding where to go for our school-wide trip. 

Do you remember tie-dyed shirts my kids made a few weeks back? Well today was the day they got to wear them and boy were they all super cute. It was so easy to find all of my kids at any given time. I just looked up and counted the purple shirts. It made life so easy for me.

Take a look at some of the pictures I snapped throughout the day!

We had a great time but of course, the bus ride was rather quiet on the way home!
The kids were exhausted and I'm predicting they will all sleep well tonight!!

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