Practicing Those Colors!

School is right around the corner.
And somehow I have a toddler who will be starting Kindergarten sooner than I'd like to imagine.
{When did this happen??}

He's been doing so well at prek lately learning his letters, counting 1-20 and of course, learning his colors! And let me tell you, he is mildly obsessed with them---like for real, he quizzes me more than I ever thought possible...{yes honey, mommy does know what color her shirt is and for the love of pete kid, if I tell you what color it is, will you leave the kitchen and let me finish cooking in peace?} Only kidding....sort of! HA! 

So it was no surprise to me that he would be the first one in the computer room when I started printing off pages from a few color units I had made in the past. Seriously, he's like a moth to a flame! No sooner had the printer spit out a few pages before I hear "mommy, colors, I see colors.  Can we play?"  This was one time when I was happy to oblige! 

I could barely cut the color sheets into fourths before he was nonstop asking to match the colors. I finished cutting and let him have at it! My teacher heart {and mommy heart} were so happy to see him in action. I was snapping pictures quickly of his work when I then heard "oh mommy, take a picture of this one...and this one...and this one..." {If you have a toddler, you know how this goes!}

Take a look at my handsome mister in action! 
{Cheese mommy!}
He's concentrating so hard!
A few of the final matches!! 
Then I decided to pull out a color game from my "to laminate" file. I just haven't gotten around to putting laminating on it but he didn't care. I set out the mats and he was off again! Barely stopping at all. He started matching colors on the objects to the colors on the mat.  
"I like this orange fishy mommy."
He said "all done mommy- cheese!!"
Thumbs up for a job well done buddy!!!
A close up of all of his wonderful work!

Both of these activities came from this color unit here

If your students need a little extra practice on colors, I know they would love these activities!! 
Be sure to check them out! 
I hope you have a colorful school year! 

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