Marshmallow Mouths For Dental Health Month!

We are continuing our work with dental health. 
My kids are loving all of the "teeth talk" we've been having---and they especially love talking about (and showing me) their wiggly teeth. They know wiggly teeth give me the chills--I can do blood and guts but don't give me wiggly teeth!!!
Take a look at some of our latest dental activities the kids have completed.
They had a great time doing a magazine search for good and bad foods for your teeth. We talked extensively about foods and why bad foods are bad for your teeth. I made sure to repeat over and over that those foods are okay to eat every once and a while but just not every day and not a lot of them.
Here is our happy teeth and sad teeth:
They then made their marshmallow mouths!  I love this project!  The students were so excited to see that we were going to use marshmallows and in the same breath, they were a little disappointed when they realized they weren't going to get to eat them.  The end products are just so darn cute!!  I also had them do a writing to go with their mouths.  They each wrote a few sentences about something they have learned about since we've started our dental health unit.  I am so amazed at how great their writing is coming along.  They sounded all of their words out themselves!
Our wall of mouths!
(I brush my teeth everyday.  My teeth healthy.)
(Teeth have a covering. My teeth have a filling.)  There's honestly for ya!!
(I have my teeth have a cavity. I brush my teeth now.)  I love this one-- again, they are so honest!!
 (You have to brush and floss everyday. You have to set a timer everyday if you have one.)  She went on to later tell me that since there are 4 kids in the family, they set timers for how long they have to brush for--- so smart!!
 (My teeth are white. I always brush my teeth.)
(I brush my teeth and floss.  If I don't brush my teeth then they will rot.)  Well, very true my dear---brush away!!!
Are you teaching dental health to your kiddos?  How's it going?

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