School is starting soon!!!

So, where did the summer go?!? It seems like just yesterday I was hugging all of my little kinders goodbye for the summer and relishing in the fact that I was going to be able to be home with my 2 kids all summer! Now, I've got about a week and a half before I have to return to school and 2 weeks before all of our new kinders start school!

I have so much to do still---so many pinterest projects to complete and my to-do list gets longer by the day! AGHHHH!!!  And it doesn't help that my school is getting a new roof put on and all of the skylights taken out (of which I have 3 of in my classroom).  Don't get me wrong I LOVE that we are getting a new roof (mostly because I won't get dripped on when it rains anymore) but the downside is that everything in my room is covered with trash bags and I can't decorate or organize anything!!! This is making me very anxious!!!

Well, I can't control the new roof schedule but I can work on my growing to-do list!!! These are few projects I'm still hoping to complete before school starts....

These are the ones made by Once Upon A First Grade Adventure. My background on the balloon will be candles or cupcakes I think!
How cute are these??? It will be perfect to welcome my new kinders to school!
I am going to buy these soon! Since I'm a math word wall this year this will be perfect for my room! Click here to purchase this wonderful set!
I want to make a board similar to this one to display student work! I feel like the kids would LOVE to see their work posted in the classroom- and since our theme is 'jungle' this year, it will be perfect for my room! Click here to check out the original post where she showed us this!
I need to set up my work stations!!! I read this book this summer and will be implementing the stations in my room this year! I can't wait! Click here to check out the awesome book study that was done with this book!
I really want to make this! Maybe not exactly, but something very similar! How cute would it be do take this picture on the first day of school then change 'my 1st day' to 'last day' a few days before school ends.... I think parents would love this!! You would be able to see how much each kid changed over the year!

Well, these were a few of my future projects.  What about you? What are you trying to complete on your list? Have you done any of these already? I'd love to hear how you changed some of these great ideas to make them more you!


  1. What great ideas! Your new kids will love you and all your cool stuff!


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