Teaching Colors- Part 3: White/ Gray/ Black/ Brown

If you missed my posts over the past few days, you need to check them out! I told about the order in which I teach each color and I gave a more detailed account of what I teach with each color.
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So, here is my 3rd and final post on teaching the rest of the colors-- white, gray, black and brown.
Food: Marshmallows
The book we read:
The cloud craft we did:
Food: nothing :(
The books we read:

The gray elephant craft:
Food: Oreo's
The book we read:
The black fly that they made:
Food: Pancakes
The books we read:
The pancakes they made:

They all were so cute and the kids say they were so yummy!!!
(We bought frozen pancakes, heated them up in the microwave while the kids were at recess, we gave them white frosting with a popsicle stick and then a pinch of chocolate chips!)
 I gave them strick instructions for them to make them first, let me take pictures, then they could eat them. 
They loved it!!! 


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