The day before the 1st day of school!

Oh-my-land!!!! I am one tired teacher!!!

After spending a day and half testing all of our soon-to-be kindergartners, we finally finished mid morning. We then divided up the kids based on skill levels and gender- we try our hardest to most evenly divide up the classes. After a quick lunch, we got started labeling EVERYTHING! Whew---it took sooooo long! (I didn't leave the school to almost 6:00 tonight!)

A lot of students already brought their school supplies which is actually a big help. So I naturally had to go ahead and put them all away. This is what my pile looked like when I pulled all of my kid's supplies.  Daunting right?!?
I then had to get the supply boxes ready. I LOVE the smell of new crayons!!!
Glue and scissors together, pencils and erasers together and then crayons in the big compartment.

I also finally got my "Wow Work" wall done! It's where the kids will display any great work that they do (or any artwork from home).  It will be their space to display what they wish!
Under the wow work display I hung up their names under each students hook number. Since we are doing a jungle theme, I decided to put each name on a safari hat! They look so cute!
I decided my reading nook needed a little something on the wall.  I couldn't really decided on what to do with it until I ran across these great posters FREE on Teachers pay Teachers. Click here to check them out! I still need to add something else on the walls beside 'read' (it still looks a little bare) but this was the best that I had for now!
Close up:
Before I left for the night, I pulled all of my books out to read for tomorrow (I won't read them all but I do pull them all to have them right at my fingers!)

And last but not least, I HAD to make my frame! I was so excited when I found this on pinterest (a long time ago) and I knew I just had to do it!!! I think it turned out so cute and I can't wait to see all of those cute faces behind it! What do you think???

Okay, wish me luck for tomorrow! I think it's going to be a wild day!!!

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  1. Your containers look great and your room does too! I was wondering if your friend that made your color charts and number charts would be interested in selling them? Thank you hope to hear from you


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