Safe case for an iPad!

I have to share something new that our school finally got in the mail today!
Our school is blessed enough to have iPads for every grade level! 
 That's right, a full set of iPads for every grade---I know, awesome right?!?
Well, today we finally received a new little gadget to go along with one of our's called a grip case...(but I like to call it a safe case)!
Most kids are really good with handling the iPads.
But ever so often,we have a child with a disability that needs bigger handles to hold on to or we have a child that just doesn't really understand how careful we need to be with them---and for this reason, we recently ordered this nifty little case.....
It feels soft and almost kind of rubbery.  I was expecting the handles to be more rigid but they weren't.  They were able to move a little, which I like.  The case held the iPad in there nice and tight and no matter how you drop  it, all sides were covered!
This is what the iPad looks like in our traditional case....
This is what the new Grip case looks like without an iPad in it....
This is what the back of it looks like....
 The best part is that you can find it for about $30.00 on Amazon. 
I'd say it's a small price to pay to keep an iPad safe! :)


  1. I would love the ipads and the case for all my kids, too!

  2. Nice post, Yeah i am totally agree with you. These type of cases are safe for both iPads and for kids. These are made up of synthetic rubber/Polymers. Lifeproof iPad Mini Case
    Lifeproof iPad Mini Case
    give full support to the iPad and get safe from the breakage , damage and from scratches.


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