Wonderful writing!!

We recently started leveling out for our reading block.
For the first time, I have the higher level kids.  It's crazy how much some of them already know!
This week I needed to see where they were all at with their writing skills.
I wanted to do a quick assessment where they had to cut out and organize words to make a correct sentence.  They then had to write a sentence on their own. It's just crazy to see that even when we level out 70 kindergartners, each group is still so different! My high group has kids that are just about ready to read, to a child reading on a 4th grade level--WOWZERS!!!
We are going to have some serious differentiating going on!
So, here is a sample of some of my kiddos initial writing samples.
 I love that so many of them were using capital letters and punctuation!!!
That makes me a happy teacher!
(The ants are so small.)

(The ants are little.)

(Ants are eating.)

(The ants are carrying the sandwich to eat it.)

(Ants are red.)

(The ants are hungry.)

(The ants are big.)
Aren't those great???  I think so!
We have some work to do but at least we are off and running!
Lastly, I have to tell you, I love little surprise deliveries--- and this is the best kind to receive::
I mean, seriously, who doesn't love that red and white Scholastic box?? 
It makes me just giddy!!! :)


  1. Wow-your kids are really writing well already! They did a great job on those writing samples! I'm still trying to convince mine that they can write by sounding out their words-some years it just takes more time for them to build up that confidence.



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