Nouns...and a GIVEAWAY ending soon!!

Today in our reading block, we were working on the definition of a noun.
I've been like a drill sergeant repeating over and over that a noun is a person place or thing! I'm sure my kids are tired of hearing it...but I'm hoping it sticks!

When teaching nouns, I always use three fingers on one hand. So when I say "a person" I touch one finger, when I say "a place" I touch another finger, and when I say "a thing" I touch another finger. Having this little visual for the kids really seems to help them in remembering what a noun is.
I always make sure to define what a noun is NOT! I always emphasis that a nouns are not feelings (like sad or happy) and they are not actions (like running and jumping)...I always try to be clear that you can touch nouns and while you can touch someone who is running or jumping, you cannot touch "running" or "jumping".  They usually get it pretty quickly!

I decided that the kids would benefit from a magazine hunt where they had to find pictures of different nouns. So I made up a chart that simply said "a noun is a…" and underneath of it I listed person, place, and thing. I gave the kids a bunch of magazines and told them to find different people, different places, and different things. They brought them to me and I glued them on our chart.

This is what the chart looks like:

Here is a close up of each category:
The kids LOVED the Mrs. Obama picture!

They all said they wished they were at the water parks in the picture above.

Isn't that dog the cutest thing ever???
Now for the goodies.....
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