Seeing Symmetry!

Today was a fun day in math!
Our topic was symmetry and the kids did really well and had fun! 

We started off the lesson by doing a painting symmetry on construction paper.
Each kid got a piece of brown construction paper. I walked them through how to fold it. Then I went around and gave each child a little bit of white paint on one side of the paper. I then let the class fold them all at one time. They rubbed the two sides together. They then opened the two sides to reveal their symmetry painting.
 Here are a few of the symmetry paintings:
After their symmetry painting, the kids practiced symmetry with unifix cubes. I had the kids fold a piece of paper in half. They made a design with their cubes on one side of the paper, they traced the cubes and then colored them in with the correct color. Their friend then had to make that exact design with the cubes then draw it on the other side of their paper.
They did so good with this task!
How do you teach symmetry?


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