A hard goodbye...and a little time!

Greetings from Kansas!
Are all of you enjoying your days after Christmas? Have you had enough lounging time?  Have you found any great deals during your after Christmas shopping sprees??? I hope so!

Yesterday was a hard day for our family. It was the day that my husband deployed again. It's such a hard day, not just for me, but more so for kids. Even though our daughter is five she really just doesn't understand why dad has to go. She doesn't understand where he's going, why he's going, or even when he'll be back. Our 18-month-old with just as pitiful. He kept seeing my husband's truck and saying "da da, da da". I guess I'm finally understanding when my mom used to tell me as a kid that being a parent is just hard sometimes. I say forget hard, it just plain out sucks at times like these!!

On a happier note, I tried to keep myself rather occupied yesterday and in doing so, I finally completed a big TPT activity I have been working on for some time. It's different activities all packaged together, all about time! This set is just time to the hour. I will be coming out with time to the half-hour soon! Take a look:

(And did I mention my whole store is on sale now???  Go and stock up!)



  1. Elizabeth I love your blog!! I'm sorry to hear about your husband deploying, living in Australia and seeing the amazing work that our armed services do makes me thankful for people like your husband!
    Just a quick question, what program do you make your things on that you sell in your TpT store?

    1. Thanks so much Sally! Other TpT'ers use some fancy programs to make their stuff but I just use Powerpoint! Thanks for stopping by!


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