A cute snow globe craft!

Today was our first day back and WHOA----I'm one tired teacher!
My kiddos had tons of energy and they were all so excited to see all of their friends again!
We took it a little slow today, easing back into the routine of school. We definitely had reminder chats about appropriate school behavior, kind words we say at school and keeping hands to ourselves! 
One fun project we successfully completed today were snow globe crafts!
The kids loved learning about what snow globes were. I then had the kids make a snow globe and write about what they would do/ see/ hear if they lived in a snow globe!
I first got materials made for all of my kiddos:
(I got the pre-made writing part from here!)
I then had them rough draft write what they wanted to say to finish the phrase "If I lived in a snow globe..."
I was so impressed with their writing skills and how well they sounded out words! That's progress folks--I love it!!!  Take a look at some of the end products.  I think they all did great!
(I would play with a snowman and I play in the snow with a dog)
(I would live in the snow and I have hot chocolate)
(I would build a snowman.)
(I would drink hot chocolate and I would have fun.)
I can't wait to see how they continue to grow in thier writing!!


  1. They did such a good job! That's one of my favorite winter activities to do. :)



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