Getting ready for the 100th day!! (And a giveaway!)

It's Tuesday--YAY!!
It was good to get back to school after a 3 day weekend.  My cuties had some great stories to tell me about their day off.  So naturally, I had to give them time to chat with friends.  After about 5 minutes, we were able to get down to business!!
We are gearing up for out 100th day of school in just 2 days! That's right, Thursday is our big day!
I have never had kids so excited about it.  They talk about it all day long and I think they are just going bust at the seams if it doesn't get here soon!! Every day at calendar time, they can't wait to see what number of day we are on and they are so eager to count how many days we have left! 
I've been planning out everything I have for the kids! I'm reusing good ideas from last year and of course adding some new ideas that I've come up with for this year!  All of my new goodies can be found in my 100th day packet on TpT!
These are a few of the goodies I've got printed and ready to go from my unit above:
Here are a few other activities I plan on doing too:
 I will put each child's name at the bottom of each column and color in this graph for how high they can count!
 We will do hand prints and then count all of the fingers one at a time until we reach 100!
This is a picture of the gumball matching my class made last year.  We will do this again this year (I just need to make the base again!)
Needless to say I think we are ready for our big day!!
Now, it's GIVEAWAY time!!
Since I'm ready to go for the 100th day, you should be too!
Leave a comment with you email address and tell me when your 100th day will be.
I will randomly pick someone to win my 100th day of school unit!!
(If you don't want to wait, this unit will be on sale for a few more days! Grab yours soon.)


  1. Ours is 7th of Feb!

  2. Ours is Feb 13th

  3. Ours is Jan. 30th! Every year it seems to be earlier and earlier :)

  4. Ours will be Wednesday, January 30 if we don't miss anymore days!

  5. Our 100th day is tomorrow!

  6. Our 100th day is February 7th!


  7. Lucky you that you are almost at 100 days! Our 100th day isn't until February 12th!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  8. Oh gosh, this looks fabulous! We have our 100th day on Feb. 6....February is always so busy! This would be a great help!

  9. my 100th day is the 5th of february. i feel if i close my eyes it'll be here too soon!!!

  10. Our 100th day is February 1st. So glad it is on a Friday this year!

    Heather (

  11. Our 100th day falls on February 12th.

    Gail (

  12. Ours is February 5 - we are excited!

  13. Friday!! Day 100 is Friday Jan 25th!!! :o)


  14. Monday, February 11th my 4K class will be celebrating the 100th day.

    1. whoops forgot my email

  15. We will be celebrating out 100th day on Feb. 11th! My kiddos are beyond eager for this day.


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  17. Our 100th day will be February 8th.

  18. Our 100th day will be February 7th!!! we are excited too!!!

  19. Ours will be on February 1st!

  20. We celebrate the 100th day on Thursday as well. Have fun!


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