The Body Venture Exhibit!

Today was a very exciting day at our school.
We had a traveling exhibit come to our school called Body Venture!
This exhibit is sponsored by the State of Kansas Health Department and our school received a grant to get it to visit us!!
The entire experience has the kids walk through what the human body looks like on the inside!  They start at the heads and work their way through the body ending right before where the waste comes out (even though I know the kids would have LOVED that part!)
The entire exhibit was set up on metal frames with very tight fabric around it.  The pictures were amazing and were very life like.  We had volunteers present at each station!
Take a look and see what the kids got to experience!!
 They started by learning about the food groups!
 Then they got to into the head.
 They were shown what a brain looks like and talked about how to protect it!
 They then entered into the mouth!
 They got to sit on teeth as their seats.
 They then got to practice brushing the big teeth and these two boys are using a rope to practice flossing between teeth!
 They then moved into the stomach.  They talked about how it looks flat when it's empty and how its blown up when it's full.
 They then went into the intestines.  They used a rope to demonstrate how long their intestines are!
 Cool graphics and facts on the walls.
 We then went into the heart!

 They had to run for a minute and check their pulse to feel the blood moving in their veins!
 They then moved into the lungs.  After talking about (and seeing) healthy and non-healthy lungs, the kids got to do a straw test.  They held their noses and blew through a small coffee straw.  They got to see how hard it was to breath through it--representing how hard your lungs  had to work when they are unhealthy by smoking!
 They then moved into the bones section. They learned about what good foods make your bones strong!
 Lastly, they ended by talking about their skin and how to take care of it!
 Cool skin graphics!
My kids had a blast with this exhibit!!
Each child was given a healthy snack at the end!
It was a total sucess and I know each grade level learned so much!!


  1. That's probably one of the coolest exhibits I've ever seen. Your kids are so lucky to have gotten to experience it! I'm sure they learned a lot!


    1. It was soooo cool!! My kids don't know how lucky they were to see it! :)

  2. Wow, that is so awesome! That is such an amazing looking exhibit. Glad your kiddos got to experience it!

    Fun in PreK-1

    1. It was so cool!! I'm glad I got such good pics to remember it by!

  3. Wow! That looks like an amazing day! I thought I already followed your blog, but I guess I wasn't officially following your blog just your TpT store. So I am your newest follower.......guess that's what happens when you have a million things going on at once! :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  4. Ohmygosh!!! That is sooo cool!
    I found you from a comment you made on another blog. :)
    If you get a chance, head over and enter my huge giveaway. :)
    Smiles - Lisa
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