Working on 'b' and 'd' reversals..and cute 100 yr. olds!

Yay!! It's Friday! Woooo-hoooo!!
Today I had my kids work on a really fun activity. Most of my students are progressing along nicely with learning their letters and sounds but many of them still mix up b's and d's!
Do you kids have this problem??
My good friend came up with a great activity set to help those struggling students master the difference between b's and d's!
Take a look at the activities::
This first game is a simple b/d race.  The students rolled a dice with only the letters b and d on it. (We used garage sale stickers on a dice where I wrote the letters b and d.) We also were resourceful and used glue sticks as the game pieces.  They simply rolled the dice, said what letter it landed on and moved the glue stick up until one of the letters won!
 The next activity had the kids sort 20 cards depending on the initial letter of the word.  This was a great game for my visual learners!
 (Another picture of some of the word cards.)
 They then recorded them on the sheet with a dry erase marker.
 This is another recording sheet where students could record their b and d words or come up with their own words, if they were able to do that! It was a great way to differentiate for my higher leveled students.
 Lastly they had to circle b's and d's according to what the directions said! They did awesome with this activity too!
I will be using this activity set a lot in the coming weeks until we can master those pesky b's and d's!
I also wanted to show you what my co-worker did with her kindergartners for the 100th day of school yesterday! It took them a loooooong time but they turned out great! They made pictures of what they would look like when they are 100 years old! I just didn't have the time or patience for this activity--- but her kids did an awesome job!!
Aren't those pictures so precious???
I love them!!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the b/d page! Mine are doing pretty good at getting using their "bed" hands, but the p/q are getting them tripped up now!

    1. My kids loved it so much!! I hope you can use it in your class! I'm trying to talk her into doing a p/q activity next!! :)

  2. Oh my! Those 100 year old portraits are just adorable!! :)

  3. The 100 year old craft is adorable! I want to do it!!!

    1. You should! I know your kids would do a great job!!

  4. Those b/d activities are great! I can totally see using them on regular basis in my classroom right now. Thanks for posting!


    1. Thank you!! Yes, they will become a staple in my classroom!!

  5. I am adding the b/d activity to my cart - this is a must for my class! I love those 100 yr old art pics! Super adorable! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  6. As an RSP teacher, I'm always being told how resourceful I am and how much I think "out of the box." I don't hold a candle to these wonderful ideas!! Thanks! You are helping so many children by posting these great ideas!


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