It's snowing...we we're distracted!

Hello blog!!
I feel like I haven't written in forever! With the extended weekend and family in town, I stayed busy gallivanting around town.  I had so much fun and we made tons of great memories!  I hope you guys don't feel neglected!  I still love ya!!!
Today was a very interesting day. We all knew a big winter storm was heading our way we just didn't know when it would really arrive.  The weather man has a tendency to be wrong around here!! When they report that we're going to have 10 inches of snow, we usually end up with a quarter of an inch!

To our surprise today was a little different. They reported that snow would start in the afternoon and it actually started a little before that. So of course what happens to your kids? They go crazy!! It was about 9:15 AM when our kids discovered it was snowing outside.

We were in the middle of calendar time and that abruptly ended. Since we don't have windows in our rooms the kids cannot actually see the snow. No one could focus so what does a good teacher like me do? I take them to see the snow of course!! That's right... I stopped what I was doing, had all the kids lineup and took them to the front of our school so that they could peer out of the glass front doors to see all the snow! While we only had about half an inch to an inch on the ground at the time, they were just so excited to see the fluffy white snow.

Here's a picture of all the kids staring at the snow.
Aren't they so cute!!!
Since talk of the snow continued throughout the day I decided to incorporate it into our learning for the day. During the writing station of our daily five time I had the kids write about 'when it snows'. They did really good writings!
Take a look:
 (When it snows, I would make a snow angel.  I make snow balls. I make a snow man.  I make a snow ?) 
(When it snows I throw balls.  When it snows I drink hot coco.) 
(When it snows I make snowmen.  When it snows I make snow angels.  When it snows I make snowballs.  After I play in the snow I drink hot chocolate!)
I am ecstatic happy to report that we just got an email that school will be cancelled tomorrow!! YAY!!! That's the first snow day we will have received in 3 years!  That just means that I get to work on more TPT goodies!!! 
I hope it doesn't get to much worse--but the weather man said we could end up with more than 13 inches of snow--- I'll believe it when I see it!  (And is actually reporting it could be more around 18-24 inches... now that would be something!!)
Stay warm and safe my friends!



  1. You lucky duck! There is NOTHING better than a Snow Day, especially when you know a day ahead so you don't even have to wake up! Enjoy! :)

    1. You're so right! Knowing ahead of time is icing on the cake!! :)

  2. Your day was a lot like mine....only, fortunately, we didn't get that much snow! My kids were so excited--when I thought about it, we hadn't had a snowfall in 2 years, since they were 3-4 years old and couldn't remember having snow! I took the same picture, in front of the back doors, on their way to PE class.

    We are waiting to see what happens tomorrow, as we are anticipating more precip, only ice instead of snow. Enjoy your day tomorrow!!

    1. I hadn't thought about that....that the kids have probably not seen any significant snowfall in their lifetime!!
      I hope you got some snow...but not much!! :)

  3. I started my teaching career in Kansas. I remember having my students looking out my wall of windows at the falling snow. Thanks for bringing back that wonderful memory from my first teaching job! I do have to say I'm a bit jealous of the snow day. I miss those. Have a relaxing day off tomorrow!

    Mrs. Lattin's Kindergarten

    1. Awww, that's a great memory to have! I hope I look back fondly on this time and I hope my kids do too!!

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