Money sorting mat!

Money, money, money!!
Money is the name of the game in math right now.
For the 3rd quarter, our district requires that the students be able to identify the four main coins- penny, nickel, dime and quarter. While we review coins daily during our calendar time, I wanted to make extra sure that the kids had a good grasp on the coin names before moving on any further.
I was looking though my files when BAM, there it was!! I found some great money sorting mats that I printed off last year after seeing it pinned on pinterest!  I'm so glad that I'm half way organized and had enough sense to actually file them...instead of jamming them into my ever-growing "I'll get to that later" pile.... Ughhhh, it just stares at me everyday!  Sorry, I got distracted!
Anywho, I pulled them out, pulled out my tub of plastic coins and I was ready to go. 
I simply put a huge pile of coins on each table, laid a mat in the center of the table and had them sort the coins.
Here's the mat:
What I love about this mat is that the coin name, value, heads and tails pictures are all included!!
Here is what it looked like when my kiddos sorted their coins!

After all of the kids had their coins sorted, we did a lot of intense looking at the coins, studying their features and matching coins with their neighbors.  I asked tons of questions like "Hold up a dime.  Hold up a coin worth 5 cents. Show your neighbor a quarter." I went on and on until I felt like they were all really getting it. 
 I test for coin identification in a week  so we'll keep practicing it and hopefully they'll all do great!


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  2. So glad you are able to use the money sorting mat! Gotta love pinterest. I just found your blog and I'm loving it.

  3. I think it's a great idea for kids to know about sorting money, even at their age, even at the amount they have. I think such activity can bring back their fondness of coins, as some tend to value them less over the bills. Harriett@Bankmart


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