Valentine fruit snack activity!!

My kids were so excited to do a really cute activity my friend made!! The reason they loved it so much was because it involved food! I mean seriously, food makes every activity more fun, right!?!

This is the activity involved these yummy fruit snacks!!
The students first had to estimate how many fruit snacks were in the package.  They then got to open it and count how many were actually in there! Then then counted each color and made tally marks for each color.  Lastly, they compared each color to see which colors were greater than, less than and equal to each other! It really made the kids count and recount!!
They then got to poll their friends around them to which color they got the most of and they completed a graph of their colors of fruit snacks!
More graphing and analysing their data!
The second graders had to help them with this part but I was surprised how quickly my kindergartners caught on!  It was coloring letters of a word based on the fraction given!  They did wonderful with it!!
The kids had so much fun with this interactive activity and the best part was that they got to eat their fruit snacks!!  I even got requests to do it again next week! :)
Your kids are sure to love it!!

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