3D Shapes!

It's Thursday folks- that means only one more day until the weekend!
 Can I get a whoo-hooo?!?!

In math we started our study of 3-D shapes. Last Quarter our district required that our kids know the cone, sphere, and cube. This quarter they must still know those three shapes in addition to rectangular prism, pyramid and cylinder added to the mix.

I found a couple of really cute 3-D shape songs on YouTube. I'm very lucky that our district recently opened YouTube up to us to use in the classroom! Take a look at a couple of the songs that I found.
This one is by HarryKindergarten-- it's so catchy and my kids L.O.V.E. it!!
This one is really cute too! It's by CoilBook.
I also have been using 3-D manipulatives in the classroom for the kids to see the shapes. They love it because they get to put their hands on the shapes and roll them and toss them around. These are the kind I have from Lakeshore!!
I also found these great worksheets by googling 3-D shapes.
 I thought if  the kids got to decorate and build their own 3-D shape, it might stick with them a little more. Here's the one we've been working on for two days and we finally completed it today--- the cube!
I will leave you with this very cute word art that I was sent from a friend!
I love it!!

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