New Math Boxes!

Whew....I'm exhausted!
Is the end of the year wearing on anyone else?
I feel like there are so many things to teach, so many things to review, so many skills to test over, so many meetings to squeeze in and just so, so much more!!! I know I will get everything done by the end of school but dang, this teacher/mom/wife here is plum wore out!
If you've been following me for a while you already know that my hubby is currently deployed.  But the good news is that it's ALMOST OVER!! Yes, that requires all caps because this girl is so flippin' excited!  He's been gone since the day after Christmas (and if you're wondering, no, Christmas was not enjoyable knowing what was coming soon!) but soon this LONG deployment will be O.V.E.R! Thank goodness! I need my hubby and my kiddos need their daddy! 
I'll keep you updated with his 'coming home' progress!  
Anyhow, sorry, back to school stuff!
I wanted to showcase a few of the things my class has been working on in their math boxes!
I switched them out a few days ago. My kids always love getting new activities to practice!
Here they are!
 One of my besties made this cute doggie themed match up!
 Breakfast anyone?  Yummy!!!
 Springtime is calling!
 Students can create their own addition and subtraction problems!
 Rabbits, chicks and egg oh my! Addition galore with these cuties.
 A little greater than/ less than practice! Yes please!!
Greg has some unicorn addition.
I hope you can use some of these goodies!
Be sure to also leave TpT feedback to rack up those credits!!

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