Five For Friday!

I'm linking up today with Doodle Bugs Teaching for...
Aghhh.... a Friday!  Isn't everyday in the summer sort of like a Friday?
At any rate, Friday's are still great!!

Here are my five random things from the week:

I finished a big classroom decor set that I am in love with!
Here are few pictures of what's included.

This past Sunday my family and I took a quick trip north to Kansas City! Our favorite baseball team were the visitors and we didn't want to miss them play! 
The kids had a great time and my husband and I really enjoyed the game!!
(Aren't summers just great for quick getaways!?!?)

Next up...this was the highlight of my week!
This proud (teacher) mama was in heaven listening to my baby girl read!!
She's going into 1st grade next year and is working so hard this summer on her reading!!
She's doing great and I love moments when the house is quiet and she is just reading---it really makes my heart smile!

Last night we had some CRAZY storms roll through!
They came in so quick that we barely had time to get inside.  My kids and I were playing in the backyard when all of the sudden there was a HUGE gust of wind and it took us all by surprise! The rain started immediately! The skies turned black and winds reached 90 mph---yes I said 90!! It was absolutely the craziest thing I've ever seen!
Look how black these clouds were!!
I made this picture to show you how serious I am! The picture of my kids was taken literally 2 minutes before the first huge gust of wind came...then the storm rolled in...and the last picture shows what our sky looked like about an hour after the storm was over! The sky was VERY orange and a rainbow appeared!! It was nuts I tell ya!

And lastly I have been doing some reading!
This is actually a really good book and I love following along and contributing to the book study! I hope you are reading along too and linking up with the girls at Freebielicious! 
Click here to read my post about chapter 2! 

That's some of the excitement from my week!
Happy Friday!!


  1. LOVE the rainbows!! :) And what a c-r-a-z-y storm!

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes

  2. Wow! Does this happen often where you live? That storm was amazing! Very intense but don't you lave a good rainbow?


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