Colors GALORE! Crafts, Rainbow names and Mr. Roy G. Biv!

Where has the time gone???
I feel like it's been forever since I've blogged.
What can I say? I've been knee deep in school stuff---everything from lesson plans, to projects, to after school meetings to assessments! I literally come home and become a ball of mush on the couch... do you know how I feel? I bet you do!

I wanted to show you what we did for a few weeks when we taught colors.  The crafts and most of the activities we did were similar to what we did last year!  Check them out herehere and here.  

Look at all of these cuties my kiddos made this year! The kids were so proud of their hard work as well as they should have been. All of their crafts made for awesomely cute decorations for our hallway! 

Cute red Clifford's
An orange cat.
A yellow school bus.
Our green turtles.
A blue whale.
The purple crayons.
A pink cupcake. Yummy!!
A gray elephant.

After all of the color crafts were done, we wrapped up the color weeks with rainbow name writing and the assembly of Mr. Roy G. Biv!  

I wrote everyone's name on a big piece of white construction paper.
They then went to their desks to start tearing the paper to glue down.
They all worked so hard to completely cover the black lines.
Here is our wall of rainbow names!! I love how it turned out!!
Here's Mr. Roy G. Biv--- and he's as colorful as ever!
Here is our wall of our crazy-haired Roy G. Biv's.
I hope you enjoyed our colorful cuties!!


  1. We are doing rainbows this week! I love your color crafts!

    The Tutu Teacher

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