Colors, shapes and learning, oh my!!

Hey there peeps!!

Well, we've been learning, learning, learning which to innocent passer-bys, may seem like a bit of chaos.  But all good teachers know that learning always = noise!  

This week we have been reviewing colors and shapes! (And it totally just dawned on me that I haven't even posted about the color crafts we did as we learned about each color. That'll be next on my to-do list!)  

Here is a great color book I found! It's more about mixing colors but my kiddos loved it.  It involves monsters doing the coloring--and monsters seem to a hit with any kid!! You need to check it out sometime!
Since we were reviewing colors, I pulled out this activity from my color pack called "Color Burst"!  Click here to check it out!  My kids just loved it!! They kept saying "yay, puzzles, she's letting us do puzzles!" Oh boy...if they only knew they were learning their colors and how to spell them! Here's a few puzzles my smart little kiddos put together!!
Here's a picture one table working so hard! Look at that concentration---I'm telling ya, it was magical!! 

At another work station, kids were doing basically the same activity but with shapes instead of colors!! Again, they did great and had so much fun doing it!  You can find these puzzles in my "Snazzy shapes" which can be found here!! 
And I love this picture! My kiddos were working so hard and so fast that I barely could get a half-decent picture! That's true working and learning going on there!! :) 

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  1. wow! I absolutely love those puzzles :) What a neat and cute idea!


  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I absolutely LOVE the puzzles as well! Is there anyway that the puzzles are sold separately from the unit you have posted on TPT? If so, I would LOVE to purchase just the puzzles. If not, I guess I will have to reconsider purchasing the entire unit.

    Thank you,


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