Currently--what's happenin' now!

I'm linking up with Farley for another currently!!

Here's what happening this month--right now!

I love Big Brother!! It's my all time favorite show---and after dark is where all the 'extra goodness' can be seen.  You can see everything that there just isn't time to see during the regular shows!! 

My school kiddos are starting to get the hang of all of their school routines---and that makes for one happy teacher!! :)

This past Labor Day weekend was awesome! I got to hang out with some great friends, my hubby smoked some awesome meat in the smoker and we even got to go swimming!!  It was so nice and relaxing!

It's about to be high school football season.  I can't wait!  That means cool air and crisp nights are in the chocolate and fun time are ahead!

Patience--it's that one thing I'm always working on.  Enough said!

3 things I want to do this month--
1. I've got to get back into running.  It helps me release so much energy and shed a few pounds.
2. I love to smile and my plan is to keep on spreading the love! CHEESE!!!! :) :) :)
3. In about one week, I will be starting my master's degree!  This is a HUGE step for me and I'm so excited to be taking on this challenge with 2 wonderful friends!

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  1. I miss our 3-day weekend! :)
    I need more patience, too!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. I also love Big Brother! I like last season better, not sure who I'd like to see win the big money! LOL


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