Mr. Turkey....where are you??

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!! 
Just a few more days.... is all of your food shopping done?  Are you out for Thanksgiving break yet? We have to go Monday and Tuesday and then we are done for the rest of the week---I can't wait!  

My team and I had our kiddos disguise a turkey!  We copied a turkey onto card stock paper and we sent it home with the kids to complete with their parents.  It wasn't for a grade, we told them to do it just for fun!  All of them were great and I just had to share a few with all of you!!

Take a look:

Meet Santa!
A fancy girl with her cute purse!
Another cute Mr. Santa
An alien! 
A Despicable Me turkey! 
A beautiful bride! 
A Teenage Mutin Ninja Turtle!! 
A sumo turkey---or maybe a karate turkey!
A cute little cheerleader!
A Doctor!!  I love the 3D glasses, stethoscope around the neck, a medical instrument in his hand and booties on his feet!  SO cute!!!
A camo turkey! 
A military turkey!
Meet Miss Princess Turkey!
Hello Mr. Clown!
A chef who says "eat beef"!

I'll try to snap a few more pictures of the rest of the cuties!! 
All of our school visitors have loved seeing them in the hallway and so have we.  All of the students reported how much fun they had with their parents decorating them! And that's what it's about---family time!

Have a great rest of the week with your family! 
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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