Ten things I want to do this summer linky!

Hi friends!
Happy Saturday and to some of you, happy first official day of summer!!

Are you done for the year yet? If not, I hope it's coming soon.  My daughter, who goes to a DoD school here in the UK doesn't get out until June 12th!! That seems so late but they don't start back until after Labor Day, so that will be nice!

I'm linking up today with Mrs. Jumps's Class to bring you....
I know we all have big plans for the summer but then, well, life happens!! We lose track of the days and before you know it, it's August and time to get gearing up for school again!! So, I'm going to share my top ten things I want to do this summer and I hope you'll link up too!

1. I want to travel!
While living here in the UK, I'm so blessed to be close to so many amazing places in the world.  The hubby and I have plans to visit Stonehenge (which is only a few hours away), going to France, Germany and maybe a few other hidden gems too! I'm so excited!! We have to see some castle's and famous landmarks along the way!  Be sure to let me know of any must-see places!!

2. I want to visit family back in the states!

Are you seeing a theme here? I need to go--like now!! lol..
I really miss all of my family back in Georgia and my like-family friends back in Kansas. I plan on going just as soon as my daughter is out of school!

3. Spend tons of time with my babies!! 
Enough said! Aren't they the cutest?? :) 

4. I want to plant a garden! 
Now I know mine won't look like this anytime soon, my goal is to get some pretty flowers soon! Here in England it rains all the time!!! So trying to find a sunny day will goal number one on this!

5. Take more Master's classes!
I've been working my booty off for nearly a year already with Master's classes! I'm more than halfway done and can't wait to finish. Some girlfriends and I are doing it together and we are kicking butt so far! I've definitely needed the encouragement to keep going at times! I can smell the degree calling my name! :)

6. I want to shop, shop, shop!!
And by shop, I mean at the local markets. They all have such fresh and local foods and you can taste it!! Yum!!!

7. I want to learn how to drive a stick shift car!
Is that weird that I still don't know how to drive one? I tried once when I was younger and it was a horrible experience... so I've never tried again!  Maybe I'll do that soon! 

8.  I want to print and organize my photos!
I mean really! I couldn't tell you the last time I printed off my photos.  I have about a million on my computer and I really need to organize them!!

9. I want to organize my clip art and fonts!!
Like for real! It's a mess and I need to find a better way to make it all easily accessible!  

10. I want to create some great TpT products!
I've been so busy with our big move that I've only created a few things over the last few months. I have so many ideas and I just need to sit down and get them out! I refuse to create junk just to do it.  I want it to be cute, purposeful and through!! 

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  1. So jealous of you being in England! I loved it when we were stationed in Germany! I totally agree with you on #8 but instead of printing them I am going to create photo books on Shutterfly - the ones I've done in the past have turned out super cute!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats in Kindergarten

  2. I love reading about your adventures and will so miss you this summer!!

    1. I'm going to miss you so much too!!! Have a strawberry daiquiri for me while y'all are roaming the streets! ;) xoxox


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