Graphs Galore!!

Happy Monday!! 

Let's talk graphs today.
Do you use graphs in your classroom? Do you use graphs for different subjects---everything from math to science to literacy? 

I love graphs for how much information they share. They can be basic or cute...either way, they paint a beautiful picture of information that is easy to see. {And I'm pretty sure kids love making them just as much as I do.} 

One of my most favorite author/singers/creators/blogger is Debbie Clement. Have you heard of her? Of course you have!! She recently created a blog post compiled of hundreds of great graphs that she's seen as she's visited schools. 

Here is her post cover picture:
Click on picture above to view her post!!

Her post is amazing and filled with tons of great ideas. Be sure to check it out if you are in need of a few great ideas to use in your classroom. 

I was so honored that she featured one of my graphs as well:
I made these graphs when we were studying our 'all about me' unit. The kids had a great time graphing their different eye colors {and it made for a great hallway display}!! 

Click here to check out my original post! 

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  1. I love graphs! Now that I am FINALLY teaching the same grade for another year, I am going to *try* to do a daily graph with my kiddos. Maybe as an attendance thing?

    Thanks for all the new ideas!!
    Miss M.
    The Fabulous First Grade


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