Throwback Thursday: All About Buttons!

It's throwback Thursday time!!

Today, I'm bringing you a post I wrote back in September of 2012. It was all about a lesson on buttons. The kids had so much fun that day and it inspired one of my best selling products on TpT! 

Here it is::

Buttons, buttons, everywhere!!!

Buttons, buttons and more buttons!
Today for math, we sorted buttons! 
And I think the kids were rather amazed at my bucket full of buttons. 
 I think some kids didn't have a clue that there were so many different kinds of buttons. 
Of course, I had to give them a minute to explore and compare the buttons before we could get started.  Their curiosity was just killing them!!!
The best 'math tool' that I've found at the dollar store are veggie trays! They are just perfect for sorting buttons!!! I put the buttons in the middle and then they use the side parts for all the different sorts! They trays are the perfect size for this activity and the best part is that a class set to use (1 per table) will only cost you $5.00-$6.00!  I like cheap! :)
Once we started the lesson, we started talking about all the different way to sort buttons.  One child immediately came up with the idea of sorting them by their sizes. 
So I told the kids, go ahead and sort them into 2 groups-- big buttons and small buttons....

After analyzing everyone's tray, the kids put all of the buttons back in the center of the tray and we went on to the next sort.  Another child suggested that we could also sort them by their color!  Since we didn't have enough compartments to sort EVERY color, I had the kids sort them by the colors white, black, red and all other colors. 
They did so well with this.....

And lastly the kids suggested that we sort the buttons by how many holes they had!
Here they are....

And I just love this's hard to see the buttons but I love that the kids were so eager to work. Look all of their busy little hands! That's some little working minds right there!
We also made sure to make a list on the board of all the ways we sorted:
Next week, I'll be putting these buttons and a sorting tray into a math work station box. 
I know it is sure to keep the kids engaged!

Who knew that sorting little ol' buttons could be such a learning experience??
The product that it later inspired for me was this:

This was a go-to activity for my math boxes.  And of course, it always kept my kiddos engaged!!
Click here to view the specifics on TpT!

Have a great Thursday!!

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