Made it Monday!!

Happy Monday friends!!

Are you gearing up for school? It's getting close to 'that time' and I can already hear the excited teachers scoping up great deals, stockpiling on the decorations and running those lamination machines like crazy! Be sure that if you are heading back to school soon, you make the most of what's left of your summer. Hug your own kiddos a little more, enjoy that beautiful sun and for goodness sakes, watch the last of the soap's on TV--you deserve it!! 

On another note, I'm linking up today for Monday Made It! 
I do have a disclaimer before I begin. 
I cannot take credit for any of these following projects! 
I can, instead, give credit to one of my dear friends, Cheri, who we affectionately call a Pinterst addict!! She is always working her magic around the house creating, redecorating or making some new yummy recipe! So, today, I thought it best to display some of her best projects from around her home! {I asked for permission to share with you all and she of course said yes!} 

Made It #1::
 First up, is this great transformation to her trampoline! This clever {and cheap} way to not only add color to the trampoline but same everyone's little fingers from those pesky springs!     

Here is a close up view! 
She just cut pool noodles, made a slit on one side of them and viola! 

Made It #2:
I thought this was so clever!
She has an above ground pool and she is always running into the 'pool toy' issue! She always wanted an easy way to remove the toys when the kids weren't in the pool but she also wanted a way that they kids could access them when they wanted to.  She came up with this idea to get a wire wastebasket, a little 'S' hook and bam--an instant toy keeper! It's close enough to the top of the pool so that the kids can reach inside when they want to. And since it's a wire basket, all the water can drain out of the toys and not mildew! Ingenues I tell ya!! 
Close up view! 

Made It #3:
Here, she made the cutest benches! She made 2 of them and they are on either side of her deck! It's just 3 round wooden poles and 6 cinder blocks! She added these cute, bright pillows and there ya have it! She says it's perfect seating for wet kids when they get out of the pool. They can sit and dry off before getting on the deck or trampoline!!
More of a front view!

Made It #4:
Cheri transformed her umbrella into a great ambiance lighting at night. We always needed a little light when we were hanging out on the deck in the late hours of the night. This lighting is just perfect and just enough to not blind us all!
The 'at night' look!

Made It #5:
She started her own garden this year {and it's producing fabulously}! She made these cute little signs to mark her plants. It was simply left over scrap pieces that she used colored paint pens on to decorate! They all look so cute and add a little color to the garden!

Made It #6:
Cheri found this cute old style tool carrier. She divided it into section on the inside and is growing her own herbs! She labeled the outside as to what is growing inside.  It's nice and portable and easy to move {depending on the sun and water it needs}. 

And last but not least, this cute umbrella and pool floats!
I just had to show them to you in case you are doing a beach theme in your classroom.  The umbrella came from Big Lots and the 2 floats came from Target! Both were super cheap and would be great decorations in the right classroom!!

I hope you enjoyed these Monday Made It's, thanks to my dear friend Cheri!
Didn't she do great??? 
I sure think so! Be sure to leave her some love below!!


  1. You have been BUSY! Isn't it amazing the endless uses for pool noodles. And isn't the backyard a fun place on a summer's night. Enjoyed post. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. Your friend is so talented! She definitely has the eye for repurposing and reusing! Love the pool noodle idea on the trampoline! Thanks for sharing!

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