Throwback Thursday~Birthday Balloons!

I wanted to share a little 'Throwback Thursday' post with you today!

Do you celebrate your student's birthday in any way? I found a rather inexpensive and cute and sugary ballon to send them home with on their birthday!

I made these birthday balloons last year and they were such a hit with my kiddos when their birthday came around! They never let me forget to get their birthday balloon and they enjoyed picking out their favorite color!  

Read below to see how easy they were to make!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Beautiful Birthday Balloons!!

I've been working feverishly in my classroom over the past week!  

I've had a list a mile long with everything that NEEDED to get done and things that I WANTED to get done...and I'm proud to report that I'm marking tasks off that bad boy!

One fun project that I did last year and knew I wanted to redo this year was making birthday balloons for my kiddos! I think we first saw the idea floating around somewhere on Pinterest and my teammates and I knew it would be a fun present for the kids on their birthday! 

All you need is some scrapbook paper, big pixie sticks, a 'happy birthday' tag, scissors (or a Cricut machine) and some tape!

We simply printed some small tags that said 'happy birthday' and cut them out.
We then used my teammates Cricut machine to cut out some balloon shapes on our scrapbook papers.  If you do not have this cool machine, you could use a die-cut press or even cut out some balloon shapes by hand! 
Once I had all of the balloons cut out I laminated them. 
We have learned that the paper won't curl up if they are laminated. They are nice and sturdy and lay real nice once they are taped down! 

I then got a big box of Pixy Stixs.
We found this big box of 50 at our local Sam's club. 

Then I simply used clear packing tape and taped down a balloon to each stick. 
This is what they looked like when I had them all taped on. 
I then put all of the finished sticks into an clear container. 
And to add a little pizazz to the container I simply added some tissue paper to the bottom of the container. 
I'm not in love with solid pink paper again for this year so I think I may add some bright green and blue tissue paper in there too! 

And of course, the kids love getting a huge stick of sugar on their birthday!!

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And I'll leave you with this little cutie.
{These words may have been spoken at my house!}

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