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Happy Sunday!

Today I wanted to show off share with you my latest unit that I gave birth to created for you!! I started this unit over a month ago when I was on vacation.  And well, time just escaped me honestly! I was enjoying myself on vacation, made the long haul back here to the UK, started my next round of Master's classes and I've been spending time with my own I got a little busy! But I finally kicked my little booty into high gear and put the finishing touches on it!

I debuted it this past week on my Facebook page and even gave away a copy to a lucky follower and all of her friends that she tagged too!
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This unit is all about teaching colors! 
It would be perfect for any pre-k or kindergarten class. 
I designed this unit around my own frustrations of never being able to find good resources to teach or review colors and color words with my students. 

So without further ado, here it is! I hope you like it!!
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Here is a collage of everything included!
 The first activity is a set of color sorting mats. I've provided them in two variations {with and without color word hints} so that you can differentiate for your kiddos!
Students will simply match the color pictures to the correct blank color squares!
 Next up are the letters to the color words. Again, I have provided 2 variations of them so that you can differentiate for your kids--ones with colors on them and ones without! I use these in a big pocket chart so that students can practice spelling the color words. If you don't have a pocket chart, simply put little magnets on the back of them and students can arrange them on a magnetic whiteboard!
 Next are little color booklets!
Students {or the teacher} will read simple sentence. They will then color the pictures the appropriate colors. Next, they will cut on the dotted lines and staple the pages together! These are small little books they will love making and they are small enough to use them as reference guides!
 I love these! Here, I have made color tags!! Students get one {or a few} and color the tag that color that is listed on it. They cut out the tag and then get to on a color hunt around the classroom. I would put a little tape on the back of each tag so that the students could actually stick them to the object. {If you didn't have time for tape, they could lay the tag on the object!}  Once everyone is done, all the students can walk around and see the object that their classmates have tagged!!  It's a great way to get them up and moving while still learning!!
 I am most proud of this next item! 
I created my own original color poems... yes, all by myself! Now don't laugh... but I think they are pretty cute!! Here is a sample of two of them! 

Here is a big 'My Color Book' that the kids will love creating!
I have included 15 pages to choose from... you can use all 15 of them or not- it's up to you! Students fill in the color to each statement then they can draw a picture about that statement!!
 Next, I've included 2 sets of color posters! You can use them for review or put them up in your room.  One set is a little less color intensive for the printer and the other is a little more color needy!!
 Last but not least is another fun color game! It's called color four square.  Students simply will match for color pieces together until they all match! Each set has the color word, the paint splatter, the color tub and color bingo dauber! 
 That's it for this unit...for now!
{I may already have plans for a few additional things to add to this unit...but don't tell anyone just yet!!}

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