Skip Counting By 2's, 5's, and 10's!

Do you teach skip counting to your Kinders? 

When I was in the classroom, our morning routine always included skip counting during our calendar time. My students loved learning whenever we could do it with songs! The concepts just seemed to "stick" more if the kids could tag a catchy tune with it! 

There are TONS of great songs out there to choose from when looking for a catchy song! Youtube is my first stop when looking for something musical. 

Jack Hartman is a favorite of mine and has tons of cute songs to count by 2's, 5's, and 10's...

In addition to cute songs, I'm always looking for skip counting resources for students to practice in class. I thought students would love to have flip book that they could help create! With a little simple cutting, students can create a color or black/white booklet. 

Here are the pages that are included! 
The color cover....
Or the black/white cover- you choose! 
Students get to practice on their own! There is one page for each skip counting number. Take a look here at each page. 
Click here to view this skip counting book on TpT! 

I hope you find this skip counting flip book useful for your classroom!!

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