No Prep Printables!!

I'm am so super stoked about my newest unit of 'No Prep Printables' that are geared towards the beginning of the year, but honestly, they could be used at any point during the school year.  Students who need a little extra practice after learning a new skill will find these pages useful! 

In this unit, I created over 30 sheets that cover all the basic skills that is teachers teach during the first few weeks months of school. These skills include writing their name, colors, shapes, one-to-one counting, beginning sounds, rhyming, patterns and more!! 

Here is the cover of the unit--which, for the record, I am in love with!! 
And here are just a few of the pages from inside the unit! 
All about the student's name!
One-to-one counting!
Ten frames!
Color and color words!
Fill in the ten frame!
Numbers and number words to five!
Numbers and number words 1-10!
Beginning sounds!
Counting to 10!
Rhyming words!
Everyone loves using dice!
Matching shapes or common objects!
I hope you love this unit as much as I do!!
Be sure to scoop it up and have it ready for your first month of school. It will be a lifesaver in the classroom!

Click here or on any picture to view it on TpT!

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