Camping week!

So I just wanted to share a mini unit I did with my kids before school got out. The unit was on CAMPING! The kids were so excited to do it because most of them had never been camping before.  A few had so they were my little experts who helped guide our class through the week! I set up some camping gear in our room--a few mesh fold out chairs, a big red cooler, a flashlight, a lantern and a few games my family plays when we are camping (like horseshoes)!!!  The kids loved it! We also did some animal crafts along with some great writing and of course we read many books related to camping! I also made all of the math and reading center boxes have "camping" themed stuff in them! Here a few pictures I snagged throughout the week!
This was one of the math center boxes.  They had to match the corresponding number rocks!
Here are the cute bears that the students made! They had to write about if they saw a bear in the woods!
Look at their fabulous writing! I was so impressed!!!

We had to have a campfire in the class--that the kids help build of course...
And what do you do at a campfire?  Make s'mores!!! After making and eating their s'mores they made a cute little craft (I got the idea from pinterest!) and then wrote about the s'more they just ate!  They are so stinkin' cute!!!

Needless to say, the kids had a blast and so did I!


  1. Welcome to blogging! I too am pretty new - there are a lot of great bloggers out there that offer help; I can try to answer questions too, or can at least point you towards someplace to help find answers.

    Stop on by and say hi! Kathy


  2. Thank you so much for your willingness to help! That means so much to me! I love your blog too!!

  3. Cute!!

    Welcome to the blogging world. Becareful, it is very addicting! :o)



  4. Thanks for stopping by Bertha! And yes, I'm already finding it to be addictive!!! :)


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