Dental Health

I know that dental health was months ago but I just had to share these pictures I found today!

Keep in mind that this was done back in February but the handwriting of some of the kids were so good!!! My colleagues and I, of course, went to Pinterest for ideas when it came to teaching all about teeth!! (I mean, really, who doesn't LOVE that site???) Anyhow, as a class, we first read books about your teeth, proper health of them, how and why to brush, going to the dentist, etc. We then started talking about WHAT were good and bad foods for your teeth! (In order not to scare them to much, we fully explained that any foods--even bad ones--were okay in moderation!)

I then made the big tooth outline on 2 different colors of papers and let them have at it- finding pictures of different food from magazines.  Once they told me whether it was good for our teeth or bad, they were allowed to glue them onto the correct tooth!!! Didn't they turn out so cute???

Then, the students made a mouth with marshmallow teeth!!! They loved this part---mostly because I let them eat any left over marshmallows! :)  They then wrote about teeth and taking care of them!!

This was our wall display of their teeth and their writings! We got so many compliments from other teachers in the school!

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  1. thanks for the ideas!! We're going to do a dental health unit in my Kindergarten class soon and I love both of these activities, thanks for sharing :)


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