My classroom tour!

The time has come--school has officially started!

With a new set of kinders and new classroom decor, I thought I'd share some pictures of my room. 
I tried to stand near the center of the room and do a full 360 tour!
We have a school-wide jungle theme so needless to say, I feel like I've seen enough animal print to last me a lifetime!
 So without further adue, here is a tour of my second home! :)

My door before you enter.

Standing at my doorway looking in.

Right inside my entryway, looking left into my teammates room. The nine box cubical houses all of my extra supplies like glues, markers, crayons, etc.

This is my whiteboard and my Smart board to the right. This is where all of the students sit facing during our calendar/meeting time. 

My Smart board, number posters up top, my rules poster to the left, my hard calendar to the right with the jobs underneath. I have the months of the year along with the days of the week to the far right. Then I have my rocking chair and the desk is where I sit my laptop when we are meeting. 

The far left board is my word wall board and the board to the right houses my daily 5 posters. The pink and blue buckets store the kid's headphones (in groups of 5) and the green and purple buckets store the kid's book boxes (which are kept in gallon size Ziploc bags). All of plastic units underneath is where I store all of "extra" stuff---craft supplies, snacks, extra hand sanitizers, notebooks, etc. 

This is looking into my reading area.  The blue wire rack to the left of the trashcan is where I hang up all of my TpT folder games that I buy. (There are more games in the top drawer of the container they are sitting on!)

The left side of the reading area. (The purple chair is so comfy!!) 

The right side of the reading area. The bookshelf has stuffed animals on the top row, Leap frog systems on the second row and more books piled into the bottom two rows.

I am so embarrassed by this picture! (But I guess I had to show the ugly along with the pretty!) This big unit to the left is my manipulatives cart- it's on wheels to it's easy to move. Then my two filing cabinets and my big cabinet to the far right- that's all the storage I have! All of stuff on my manipulatives cart needs a home still and I haven't gotten that far yet!
(But it's on the top of my to-do list!)

My desk and my 'professional' books above. The crates store all of my extra boarders and die-cut letters.

My 'colors' board and the naughty desk below! My kidney shaped table is to the left, for small groups.

My long cabinet has all of my games on it, the plastic boxes on the shelving unit are for my work stations, and the shapes poster is to the far right.

The back wall has the alphabet at the top and the 'wow work' wall below it.  The beneath it are the backpack hooks and coat hooks.

Then there are the cubbies along with the check-in area by the door!

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed seeing how my room is set up for the year! I am in no way done yet, as my room evolves throughout the year- but this is what I have for now!

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