Must-haves Monday!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for some definate school must haves!!!

So, here are my MUST HAVES:

Have you heard of this place???  I mean really, it is a teacher's dream and my go-to spot when I'm needing some new and fresh ideas!!

Water, water, water! I can't live without it! I don't drink any kind of carbinated drink so this is my go to when I'm thirsty!

Scrapbook paper! I use it for tons of different things in my room -- everything from using it with die-cuts to cut out letters for my bulliten boards, to using it on my 'wow work' wall as the backdrop, to using it for the front of my Sterilite drawers to give them a facelift! It's so versitile and comes in tons of differnet patterens!  

Let's be honest, for the first few weeks, my head is HURTING from all of the loud voices and huge amounts of stress!

Let's be real! I'm on here everyday looking for more great units--and I find tons!!! I get in serious trouble on this site!

Those are my must haves! Link up soon if you haven't already!


  1. Pinterest and TPT are on my must haves list as well!
    Im your newest follower!
    Flying Into First Grade

    1. Thanks for following! I'm heading over to your page now! :)



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