Theraputic Thursday!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share a few of my stress-relievers!


1. First up on the list:::
When I need a minute to breathe (or on my 30 minute commute to work everyday), I love to drive and listen to my Sirius XM radio.  I love listening to the 'Top 20 on 20'...the best part is it's commercial free so I have all music, all the time!
2.  Next, I love my computer!
Whether it's facebook, my blog or pinterest, I can lose about 3 hours of my life by just surfing other blogs, checking facebook and pinning!
3.  I also destress by going to our local YMCA!
There is so much to do there and I've taking up more running lately... (I've even been getting into 5K's lately!)
4.  This summer, my biggest strees relievers was going to the pool!
It was so nice to sit back (kid-free) and enjoy the peace and quiet while soaking up some rays! (And I loved being golden brown too!)
5.  Last but not least, I love getting pampered---I mean, who doesn't???
I'm all for a good massage or facial but more than anything, I love getting pedicure's! It's so nice to have my feet massaged, lotioned, and all prettied up!!! (And I've recently become a fan of designs on my big toes- nothing crazy but just a little something!) 

What are some of your biggest stress-relievers???

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