Teaching Colors- Part 1: Red/Orange/Yellow

Colors, colors, colors is the name of the game when school starts!!
For the first full week of school, we always teach about colors.  While most of the children can recognize the colors when they see them, many cannot recognize the color names when seen. So our kindergarten team decided to teach two colors a day (with the exception of one color, done by itself on the first day of school).  We teach the colors in rainbow order---mostly due to my teammates being OCD and needing to following the Roy G. Biv pattern!  :)
So this is our schedule for teaching colors:
Friday (the first day of school)- Red
Monday- Orange/ Yellow
Tuesday- Green/ Blue
Wednesday- Purple/ Pink
Thursday- White/ Gray
Friday- Black/ Brown
Next week will be color review days in the morning and nursery rhyme activities in the afternoon.
So, here's what I did (last Friday) and this week! I kept a pretty consistent pattern with what I did for each color.  It looked something like this--
  • Scramble up the color word
  • Students guess the color word/ then I write the color word correctly with their help
  • Generate ideas of objects that are red
  • Listen to the color song by Frog Street Press. (Click here to see all of the words to the songs we use with all of the colors.)  We sing the song multiple times.
  • Read a book related to the color
  • Do a craft dealing with the color
  • If available, eat a food that is the color
Now that you have seen the order in which I followed with each color, I will now show you the book we read and the craft we did with color, since that was the main part that changed every time! I think the crafts turned out soooo cute!!!
Food: Strawberries
A few of the red books we read:
After reading the Clifford books, they made a Clifford craft!

Food: Goldfish
The book we read:
Our orange cat craft:
Food: Popcorn
Our yellow book:
Our yellow school bus craft:

I just love all of their cute people on the bus! :)
Visit back tomorrow when I show you the next 4 colors I taught!


  1. These Are Really Great Ideas Mrs. Hodge : )

  2. I made this to help teach colors in my classroom and thought I'd share. It's a short book for the ipad and at the end you can download multiple worksheets for various preK-first grade students. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/book-of-colors/id636358480?


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