Apples and more apples.... Part 2!

Well, we finally finished our week of apple fun!
Seriously, I've never had a group of kids so into doing apple stuff.
And the best part is that we capped off this week with eating apples...YUMMY!
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So, here's a rundown of a few more apple activities our class did!
For this game, the student had to try spelling out the CVC words on the apple pies. 
Many of them did very well!
(Click here to find this product!)

Here, they were to put the letters in ABC order. 
They really had to work as a team to get this done correctly!
The kids also worked on matching capital and lower case letters with this game.
(Click here for the freebie.)
In Math, the students had to measure how many apples tall they were.
As I had the student leaning against the wall, all of the other students counted.
(It's funny how many other students I caught measuring themselves--and a few teachers too!)
 I then had them return to the classroom and draw a picture of themselves being measured. The students then filled in the areas to the right---counting how many apples tall they were and then filling in the names of someone taller and shorter than them.

I love how big his feet are--and I was even more proud that this student gave himself a neck!
(The measuring activity can be found here.)
Here, the students had to label different parts of an apple scene.
Then they got to color it.
Later in the day, we did a taste testing of the three different colored apples.
I'm pretty sure the kids thought they were in heaven---an afternoon snack-WHAT?!?  I heard one kid tell his friend "score" when he found out food was involved! (They make me laugh!)
 I lined them up, cut them into pieces, and passed them out all in the
same order- green, red and then yellow.
 After the tasting, I had each kid tell me which one they liked the most. We then stamped a real apple in the color of the apple they liked best! We will hang these up in the hallway under a "which apple we liked best" sign!
On Thursday, the kids got to make apple trees with their hands! It was our first time with paint this year, so we had a SERIOUS talk about what the expectations are with paints!!! They all did so well.
 The side of their hand was pained brown for the trunk.  After washing that off, they came back and used their pointer finger with green paint to make tons of dots all over the page, for leaves. They then used their pinkie with red paint to make the apples! They were all so cute!!!
And last but not least, my kids were most thrilled about making applesauce!
I ran across an easy recipe on Pinterest that called for cooking it in a Crock pot!
I decided to try it with my kiddos!
This is my wonderful para peeling all of the apples for me! LOVE HER!!
All of the ingredients- minus the water!
They helped me add of the ingredients together in the Crock pot then my wonderful para cooked it overnight!
This is all of the ingredients in the crock pot together.
 (I later realized that I was supposed to add the spices and brown sugar at the end-- thankfully it still turned out good!)
Dividing it all out in cups for the kids to try.
Here, a student enjoyed it so much that I could barely get a picture taken before she ate it all!
On Monday I will read this book
and do this activity with it:
(Click here for the freebie!)
I sure hope you enjoyed all of our cool apple activities!!!
I know we did!


  1. This is exactly what our week will look like next week. We are making apple sauce on Wednesday morning. I can't wait to see how excited they are when they realize what we are doing :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. YAY!!! They will love it! My kids could barely stand it! :)
    Good luck!


  3. I love your ideas - they look so fun! Thank you for sharing the life cycle of an apple! Tina


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