Apples, Apples, Apples, everywhere!!!

Boy, have we been busy!
This week we've been talking EVERYTHING apples!
I mean seriously-- I'm seeing apples in my dreams!
The kids have loved it though.  They been looking at apples and talking about them non-stop.
All of the activities we've done so far have turned out so cute and they are loving all of the apple activities during Daily 5 and math stations!

We started of by reading this book.  It was nice and easy for the kids to understand.
The students then helped me complete this schema map before we started any activities.
 It really made the kids stop and think! They came up with some great ideas.
(The apples say: have, are, make)
(The schema map can be found here.)
During a 'work with teacher' station, I guided the kids through their first glyph of the year.
All of the kids thought it was a cool way to show who they are!

This is what the wall display looks like.
 (It's not all the way done yet- we still have more glyphs to add!)
Take a look at a few of the activities the kids have been working on during their math station time:
(Click here to purchase)

(Click here to purchase) 

(Click here to get these free number puzzles!)

(Click here to grab this freebie!)
Another day the kids made these cute apple crafts!
Here is what the original sheet started as.  The cut out on the dark black line, then cut out on the dotted lines, so it looks like the core of the apple.

They then tore pieces of paper to glue on the top and bottom of the apple.  They added a stem and seeds and viola! Aren't they adorable??? I think so!

This is what part of our apple wall display looks like.  I'll get better pictures tomorrow!
Be sure to visit again tomorrow when I blog about the rest of
the apple stuff the kids have done and what our wall finally looks like!
I told ya- apples GALORE!!!


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    1. Thanks! It was a lot of printing but so worth it to be all set for next year too! :)


  2. you have some really great ideas! thanks for sharing


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