Chicka Chicka Boom Boom~ More games and a craft!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom <Part 2>
If you missed Chicka <Part 1> click here to see that post. 
This week my kiddos will continue doing some Chicka
activities that we just couldn't get to last week!
They loved the story so much that I caught many of them quietly
singing the song to themselves today!
It was so cute! :)
Between monitoring small groups and answering questions, I was able to grab a few pictures of the kids playing the games! I saw some good problem solving and some critical thinking going on and that makes me a happy teacher! :)
 My kids need a great deal of work with letters and their order!
(To save on printing, I used a set of single letters that I already had made for something else.)
The kids match the upper case letter, lower case letter and the
picture with the correct beginning sound.
This game is all about spinning the spinner and coloring in the correct shape they land on. I make sure that each child says the shape name before coloring in the correct circle.

(click here to get this game)
This is a great sorting activity.
They are responsible for discriminating between letters, numbers and words.
(click here to get this game)
Lastly, we made a cute craft that I found on Pinterest.
(Have I told you how addicted I am to that site?!?!?  Lol...)
I made sure to do this activity in smalls groups so that I could closely monitor their cutting, gluing and stamping! (You know how stamp-happy kindergartners can get!!!)
Here are the materials we used....
And these are the wonderful ending products!

Aren't my kinders such artists? I love them all!
There were also a few other games that I just totally forgot to take pictures of but rest assured, my kids love them just the same!
Here are those games:
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Literacy Unit
Common Core "Chicka Boom" Alphabet Sort and Match Game Common Core "Chicka Boom" Alphabet Sort and Match Game Common Core "Chicka Boom" Alphabet Sort and Match Game

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