Sunday, fun-day~ A 5K and prepping for the week!

Some may think I've gone a little crazy..... and I may have!
 I have started getting into running lately.  Why, you ask?  No real reason at all. 
In fact, I don't know what even prompted me to start running again but I kind of like it. 
 I guess you could say I'm the typical mom who is always is striving to lose that last 5 pounds of the baby weight and wanting to tone up a little bit too.
So, what do I have better to do with my Sunday morning??? Well, run a 5K of course! And did I do this alone? Of course not, I drug my bestie with me! :)
(Me and Stephanie before the run!)  
The race started at 8:30- yes, it was little chilly- and it was at the local wildlife park (like a hands-on zoo) so we were greeted by some wonderful animals as we ended the race!
Take a look at some of these beauties!

And I got this hysterical ecard the other day.  I love it for two reasons...  1. because I'm getting into running and 2. I love wine! :)   It made me laugh!
After the race, I headed to my classroom to get more stuff ready for the week and work on other projects for the coming weeks!
This was my first major project- to get the rainbow name arts hung up! I've been delayed in displaying them becasue I just couldn't decide the best place for them. But I finally found the spot today! They'll look great for everyone to see!
I've also been a printing maniac! I'm trying to get ahead for the weeks to come and do a few projects I've just been delinquent in getting together! This week I will laminate and cut them out.
Here are just a few of my goodies....

And here a few items for this week that the class will be working on....
Can you guess what our theme will be???

If you guessed "all about me" week, you're right!
We'll be looking at different aspects of each kid- such as eye colors, hair colors, and everyone's different families! Stay tuned for some cute self portraits!!!


  1. I love running!! I'm doing the Warrior Dash 5k in two weeks! Can't wait!


    1. REALLY??? I'm signing up to do the Warrior Dash too! Ours isn't until April up in Kansas City! Where is yours at?



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