More 'All About Me'....

Today we were able to finish up the last of the 'all about me' week.
I was about to finally read the book A my name is Alice and the kids loved it!
They were repeating the verses the best they could--and they kept trying to guess what was coming next! It was great to see them interact with the book like they did.
So, after we finished the book, I pulled the kids in small groups and had them complete a page where they found the letter of their first name, they wrote their name, then found a word of something they liked that also began with the same initial letter. They did so great with coming up with their words.
Here is what the wall looked like... (the big letters were really post-it notes from Office Depot!)
Here are some close-ups of their great writing skills.

I loved that he told me ice---I though it was strange at first but then I just laughed!  He then proceeded to tell me that he likes ice so much and he just loves throwing it over the fence at his house---I really about died laughing.  I thought that was a little random and I'm now worried for his neighbors!!!
Here is the book that started it all...
This is another activity we did for the all about me week. We talked about everyone's eye color and then we graphed it.  This graph is of my teammates class--didn't they do awesome?!?
 Close up...
The eyes all look a little creepy in the hallway---almost like tons of people are watching you---but it makes me giggle!
Here is what our 'all about me' hallway looks like! This picture does it no justice....
I hope you got some ideas for your class!


  1. Love the ice story! Super cute! Your hallway looks fabulous!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

    1. Thanks so much! The kiddo with the ice story cracks me up--he always has the funniest things to say! He makes my day go by faster!



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