Cool Socks and Sticky Pumpkin Pieces!

This week (and part of last) at school it has been spirit week.
Today was crazy socks day! My kids wore really cute socks.
Look at their wonderful socks!!!
Tonight while I was doing my last-minute Halloween shopping, I found the cutest thing ever. I was at target I was in the dollar section. I came across these Halloween faces that you can just stick on pumpkins. They are adhesive on the back and they are perfect for kids like my 5 year old child who wants to decorate a pumpkin but they are not quite secure enough to do it with a knife!!! It was only $1.00!
My daughter's cute little pumpkin!
Applying the adhesive pieces!
 My cutie and her final product!
 And lastly, I just have to share my cuties!!!!
I love this picture! We were preparing to carve/decorate pumpkins tonight and I was able to capture this great shot!They both were smiling and were so happy to have a few pumpkins!
I love those smiles!!! :)
Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!

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