Happy Halloween!

We had a fabulous Halloween day at school!

The day started out with a costume parade. Our entire school lines up starting with kindergarten, all the way to fifth-grade, and we parade around the outside block of our entire school. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors all got around outside to take pictures of all the cute little kids in their costumes.Here are a few of the cuties from my classroom.
And here is my little kindergartner. Isn't she the cutest little pink daisy ever?
 And me---a marathon runner! :)
Late this afternoon we had our Halloween classroom party. These were the treats that were all brought in. Yes, it includes over six dozen cookies six big bags of candy and drinks. WOW!!!
During the party, I decided to play game. I created a giant pumpkin made out of crate paper. We blindfolded each kid individually and decided to play pin the nose on the pumpkin.
Here are a few of my kiddos playing the game.
This is the end result. Look at all of my noses all over the board!
Before,during and after the party I found time to read some of my favorite Halloween books!
The kids really seemed to like them!
Overall, we had a pretty good Halloween day!
I'm ready to hear of the great stories that I know the kids will have come tomorrow... I'm planning on spending about 15 minutes in the morning just listening to all of the stories about their enormous amount of candy they all got and all of the great costumes they saw! I'm guessing all of the kids will either be tired from staying up late tonight or they will be on a sugar rush from all of the candy they will have eaten!!!

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