New Math Station Games!

As a TpT creator and as a teacher it's always kind of weird to see your creations being used!

I switch my math station boxes every other week and this was the week for them to be switched. So naturally, I put in many of my new math games that I have made. It's amazing how engaged the kids are once I change thier stations!
As I walk away around to monitor my kiddos during math station time, I love hearing all of the math talk. Kids are asking their friends to "skip count" with them and they are asking their partner to help them make patterns! It really is music to my ears!  

Here are my students hard at work during their math stations with their new games!
My kids are doing so well learning how to spell each number!
Click here to grab it!

They can sing their skip counting songs well but are working hard to write those numbers!
Click here to grab it!

They are rocking out number identification!!!
Click here to grab this freebie!!
These puzzles are great for them to count by 2's, 5's and 10's!
Click here to grab it!
These snap cubes are wonderful for patterning!
Click here to grab them!

One of the favorite games for my kids!
Click here to grab it!
Do you use math work stations?  How are your kiddos doing with them?
I'd love to hear about your progress!!


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